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Before 1 BEFORE 1
Before 2 BEFORE 2
Before 3 BEFORE 3

McAndrew Pool Restoration renovated this pool that was originally constructed in the 1980s. If you look at the photos (Before 1,2,and 3) you will notice the dilapidation of the coping and tile. This job was more complex than your typical coping and tile replacement. We had to install a new tile rim to accommodate the replacement of the old tile, and the fiber optic lighting track in the tile rim, which the customer wished to eliminate. Also, when the pool was emptied we noticed that more than half of the pool plaster was delaminated from the concrete shell of the pool. This condition required us to remove the old plaster coat. Besides those issues, we had one more hurdle to overcome. The dam wall that separates the spa from the pool was of a size and shape that the coping used on the rest of the pool would not work. We poured in place a top cap of concrete made from the same material mix as the white coping we set around the rest of the pool. This is illustrated in the (During renovation) photo.

To conclude this job, we replaced the coping and retrofitted a new tile rim, poured a cap at the spa dam wall and installed flagstone spillways, and replastered the pool using a blue quartz diamond bright. The finished product is shown in the below photos (Finished product 1 ,2 ,and 3). McAndrew Pool Restoration has resolved hundreds of similar tasks on residential pools in the southeastern Pennsylvania area. We promise great craftsmanship, a long lasting restoration, and great customer relations. This job turned out to be a challenging project, but in the end we found a satisfied customer with a continued friendship and countless referrals. Quality craftsmanship and customer service is the only business we conduct.

Finished Product 1 FINISHED PRODUCT 1
Finished Product 2 FINISHED PRODUCT 2
Finished Product 3 FINISHED PRODUCT 3